Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Victorian Fashion

I'm falling in love with high collars, lace, and puff sleeves.

I had no idea that in 1860 four significant facts seriously affected fashion of the future. Firstly the sewing machine had been invented, secondly clothes would in future couture designers would lead the way, thirdly synthetic dyes would make available intense colours. And lastly in 1860 the crinoline domed skirt silhouette had a flattened front and began to show a dramatic leaning toward the garment back.
Fashion history painting showing full crinoline of 1865.

This dress is just the beginning! I'm planning to have dresses with may layered skirts that can be lifted up with tabs, textured multi-colored skirts with lace like Glam Garb by Gunlis, and beautifully crafted garment backs with lace, buttons, and sometimes both! You get the idea LACE! and impeccable tailoring.

Victorian Fashion, here we come! Stay tuned for a romantic evolution of fashion for men and women.

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