Thursday, July 29, 2010

shopping on etsy

I've been spending lots of time on etsy lately, and I decided to test my shopping skills. Shopping on etsy is so much more satisfying than frequenting big businesses, it's very clear how much little artisans really appreciate your appreciation of what they love to do ( I totally know how they feel) I wonder sometimes if people notice how happy people make me when they buy an iteam I made, from me? Anyway, here are my new and fantastic Etsy purchases complete with the adorable note and packaging from I loved her! I'm def. gonna check her shop out on a regular basis.

I love zombie cameo earrings! The horsey broach is for my lovely friend Melisa.
I really like the feel of v neck shirts, the same comfort of a t shirt with a little touch of sexy. I want to get a few more to wear with high waisted skirts for the fall. Astronaut shirt from
Great shirts, and super affordable.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I wear and what I do

As many of you know I get to hang out at the Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill 2 days a week, when a girl is at a Pretty Parlor she has to make herself pretty. This week was nice and warm so I wore a Native Bohemian look,
Feather hair piece: from the Parlor by Violet Magpie
Beaded earrings: Value village
Brown embroidered tank top: Urban Outfitters (2005)
High waist-ed denim pleated skirt: My mom made it!
Brown embroidered wedges: Value Village
I also work pretty hard at the Pretty Parlor, I'm sweepin' the floors, and cleanin' out the litter box (pretty little Petunia) and using Anna Bananas fantastic cutting table to cut out all my fun fashions, so it's important to wear sensible shoes and be able to bend over and move around so on Monday I wore something a little more comfy
White flower: Diaso
Navy and white polka dot dress: this belonged to my mom
Wide red stretchy belt (such a great piece to pull together outfits and shoes!): Aprie
Red pattent leather flats: on line MIA ( I love these shoes, I've worn out several pairs, they are great with jeans, dresses, and skirts)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tiny whales, dinasour sheets and white curtains

What a lovely day, to drop off some new garments at Reconstructed Clothing! I'm happy to share a few of the dresses with you, on a person (me). Yay, first of all a whale dress, (I got this fabric from my friend Beca Laguire) this one I call "tiny whales swimming in a sea of flowers". Second of all, I adore making dresses with old curtains, the bubbles always turn out so pretty and sweet, and then a dinasour dress, it's made out of sheets, so fun, and lined with a very lux white satin. Visit Reconstructed clothing next time your downtown, Kristen is a sweetheart, and her doggie Harley is nice too! too.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Solo Sushi Date

Today I figured out how to take pictures of myself with my new camera. I want to share with everyone just how much I love to dress up, even when taking my self out to sushi, (new place on Capital hill called Genki Sushi). This dress in one of my new Value Village favorites, I've been looking forward to an 80 degree day to show it off.  I decided too much white! (no wedding sushi) so I broke it up with one of my favorite wide stretchy belts (thanks mom!) and then it was easy to pick out the shoes (black leather guess flats with little bows on them (thanks Nordstrom) check out my new etsy post!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forence and the Machine

I love this artist, and I've been listening to her amazing voice for a year now and I just got around to googling her and checking out some of her videos, only to find out that she's beautiful too. I'm digging her style!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Snap shot

What a lovely July evening in the park with Beth Roberts and some of my new dresses and tops. I got to play with my new camera too (thanks mom and dad!). Beth always looks so cute, she's like a blond Audry Hepburn, I guess that makes me Fred Astaire.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pony Parlor

I just brought some new goodies to the Pretty Parlor My favorite piece is this lovely little bubble pony dress with denim bodice.Check it out and all the other fantastic indie and vintage finds. Come visit me on Sunday and Monday, I love talking to all of you about your fashion dreams and needs!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

if you make them, summer will come

Horsey dress! Bubble dresses! Bows, flowers, ocopus applications,hedghogs and mushrooms oh yeah...lots and lots of knit tops! Check out my etsy site! I have a few of the sleeveless knits for sale here, and I'm gonna add new stuff every few days.