Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring and Spring Transitions

I'm working on Spring! I know we're all still too cold to even dream about sleeveless shirts and sundresses, but one of my favorite things about fashion is layering, start browsing your wardrobe and channel your creativity through it to create some "new" wardrobes out of your closet. Have fun ! How bout finding some fantastic short sleeved tunics that you can pair with warm tights and your favorite jacket and a beautiful scarf. What about some pretty floral frocks and sundresses with a cozy knit cardigan. I'm a big fan of integrating my favorite summer pieces with winter goodies and in Seattle we never know what the weathers gonna do, so with fun layering I'm ready for anything!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love These Shirts!

You can find these shirts and other items at my Etsy Shop and Velouria in Seattle.

Runway vs. Local

I'm always amazed all the new and amazing designer clothing I see every season, I'm also bewildered at how we can bring it to the streets. Every time I see a look I love my mind is processing a way that I can turn my wardrobe into one of these amazing creations.

ps I love love love Alexander McQueen!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After a long hiatus from blogging I'm thinking about inspiration. I've put together my cork board of images and I'm getting excited about spring! I'm loving the idea of Gingham, reminiscent of Bridget Bardough, that I saw in Christopher Kanes line which also brought me to a super scary Sedgwick like tunic I'm so fond of making. The fashion of Victor and Rolf is always an inspiration, the ruffles, stripes, and textures, the way the patterns lay together so artfully! I'll be showing you what I'm cookin' up for spring SOON SOON SOON!