Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neglected Blog.....

Poor blog, so neglected, but my sewing machine is getting lots of attention!
New goods went out to Blush in Cleveland, Reconstructed Clothing in Downtown Seattle, and the one and only Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill this month. I've been very busy making new patterns this month with lots of new sizes!
Paisley wrap dress with hand stitched lace flowers accented with lots of pretty sequins. Comfy enough to wear anywhere and shinny enough to make an impression.
 Soft and pretty sheer lace black tunic, if you look closely you'll notice pretty pearl like beads artfully stitched all over this classy piece.
 Simple and fun, tunic with accent fabric and flirty sleeves.
One of my new favorites to make, Dolmen tunic with accent fabric. Oh so easy to wear in black and white.
Colorful stripes! with more lace flowers and lots of sequins. This little number already sold to a fantastic Pretty Parlor costumer.
I just made this pattern last week, fun little dress with accent fabric and pleated skirt. In an easy to wear comfy knit. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.

One of my new favorite things to do is make quilt together all the little pieces of fabric I can't use, hence this very unique dress was born. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Super soft polka dot dolmen. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
 Vibrant purple stripe dolmen, this fabric reminds me a little of Missoni. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
I love this tunic! Soft beautiful white lace. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Black and white polka dots with tan lace accent, it's classy and sexy! On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Brand spanking new pattern! Hoodie tunic dress, I'm excited to see it on a person, hint hint...Jasmine....
Almost too cute, little birdie v-neck dress, and wait what's on the back?
that's right lace and pretty pearl bead buttons.
and, one more dolmen for good measure, in soft gray jersey and tan lace, this reminds me of a garden party, right before sunset.