Saturday, September 25, 2010

joan jett Versus jellyfish

Come check out Kombat Glamor fashion in a  collaborative event on October 23 at the Chapel Bar on capital hill. It's all about Versus: carrier pigeon vs. text messaging, paper vs. plastic, dream vs. reality, and processed vs. organic. My set will be Joan Jett vs Jellyfish, and here's a little inspiration

 this little event is all possible because of the Hero's organization they get artists together so we can have a little fun and entertain you fine folks, so show up Biatches!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tunics, stretchy pants, and boots

Do you ever wonder if fashion designers have clothing crisis situations? Well, I defiantly have many a clothing crisis. Your getting ready to meet a friend out for the evening, or going out on a first or second date, on your way to work for the day and hoping to go out later, what do you wear? What are you going to end up doing? Will you regret your clothing decision half way through the day or evening? My solution, tunics, stretchy pants, and boots. Stretchy pants are comfy and can be sexy, boots (depending on the heal) can be uber chic, and comfortable enough to walk in all day or dance in all night. Ahhh the tunic, kind of like a sexy dress and jammies all together in one. Depending on the cut, you can accent your curves, and cover up any happy hour tummy fullness. Also, layering and accessories, long necklaces, textured scarves, and sweater vests (long or short) shortie jackets, and cardigans. So you can take the same outfit all over and make it new and occasion appropriate.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sea Man

I was literally delighted this morning as I was making this first Seahoodie, notice the tiny whales on the hood lining, I love the big hood, the big cuffs, the big zipper, and the moderately sized octopus.
Next is the wet octopus reconstructed sweatshirt, with a zipper in the front! The fabric is from  Volcom sweatshirt sleeves (next up, what I'm gonna do with the torso) It's a wet puss sweatshirt, so dirty, but not really.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall skirts for 2010

oh! fun wide yoke skirts for all your fabulous fall frolicking! These skirts are screaming to be worn with your favorite sweater (or kombat knit raglan tunic) and a pair of boots. I know many of us dread pleats but the flattering yoke on these skirts make them work, also, POCKETS! that's all.