Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cellar door

Here are a few pictures from this weeks batch:
New pattern! Made with soft stretchy turquoise fabric and pretty cream lace, this piece is a little larger than it appears (it's pinned back) and sells for $64
Bright pink and polka dot dress, the skirt has 8 pleats and once again this dress is larger than it appears and goes for $58

Here's another new patten, (larger than it appears) a grey hoodie mini dress with stripes that sells for $64
Faux wrap dress made with soft black jersey and patchwork fabric (I waist very little in my process) This little number is also roomier than she looks and goes for $68
Olive dolmen with pretty colorful geometric shape accents (front view)
Back view: low back with ties this mini tunic sells at $54

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a pictures worth.....

Pretty gray knit fabric with cream lace accents

Think Pink!
asymmetrical faux wrap dress
 Spring Greens
Navajo Prints