Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cellar door

Here are a few pictures from this weeks batch:
New pattern! Made with soft stretchy turquoise fabric and pretty cream lace, this piece is a little larger than it appears (it's pinned back) and sells for $64
Bright pink and polka dot dress, the skirt has 8 pleats and once again this dress is larger than it appears and goes for $58

Here's another new patten, (larger than it appears) a grey hoodie mini dress with stripes that sells for $64
Faux wrap dress made with soft black jersey and patchwork fabric (I waist very little in my process) This little number is also roomier than she looks and goes for $68
Olive dolmen with pretty colorful geometric shape accents (front view)
Back view: low back with ties this mini tunic sells at $54

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a pictures worth.....

Pretty gray knit fabric with cream lace accents

Think Pink!
asymmetrical faux wrap dress
 Spring Greens
Navajo Prints

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neglected Blog.....

Poor blog, so neglected, but my sewing machine is getting lots of attention!
New goods went out to Blush in Cleveland, Reconstructed Clothing in Downtown Seattle, and the one and only Pretty Parlor on Capital Hill this month. I've been very busy making new patterns this month with lots of new sizes!
Paisley wrap dress with hand stitched lace flowers accented with lots of pretty sequins. Comfy enough to wear anywhere and shinny enough to make an impression.
 Soft and pretty sheer lace black tunic, if you look closely you'll notice pretty pearl like beads artfully stitched all over this classy piece.
 Simple and fun, tunic with accent fabric and flirty sleeves.
One of my new favorites to make, Dolmen tunic with accent fabric. Oh so easy to wear in black and white.
Colorful stripes! with more lace flowers and lots of sequins. This little number already sold to a fantastic Pretty Parlor costumer.
I just made this pattern last week, fun little dress with accent fabric and pleated skirt. In an easy to wear comfy knit. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.

One of my new favorite things to do is make quilt together all the little pieces of fabric I can't use, hence this very unique dress was born. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Super soft polka dot dolmen. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
 Vibrant purple stripe dolmen, this fabric reminds me a little of Missoni. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
I love this tunic! Soft beautiful white lace. On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Black and white polka dots with tan lace accent, it's classy and sexy! On sale now at the Pretty Parlor.
Brand spanking new pattern! Hoodie tunic dress, I'm excited to see it on a person, hint hint...Jasmine....
Almost too cute, little birdie v-neck dress, and wait what's on the back?
that's right lace and pretty pearl bead buttons.
and, one more dolmen for good measure, in soft gray jersey and tan lace, this reminds me of a garden party, right before sunset.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February 1st

....and I'm already sick of Valentines day. But I hope all of you have something super wonderful planned for that someone special, even if that someone is you!

I wear my heart on my cowl.
I heart cleavage!!!! Phrase coined by my friend Jackies fiance! Congratulations!!!!
Grey black and red top with accent sleeves made with stripe jersey and cashmere.
Sequin bow tunic with velvety sleeves.
Red and ready! Happy VD everyone


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Some new pieces just arrived at Reconstructed Clothing yesterday, some are quite worthy of a New Years shin dig if I do say  myself. I hope you've all had a great 2011 and have high aspirations for 2012!!!!
New Pattern, sweater mini dress with ribbed middle.
I love this piece, the pictures doesn't quite do it justice, the sleeves have cream lace accents at the top of the black velvet and a rhinestone bow application is hand sewn at the collar.

Raglan mini sweater dress with lace sleeves and sequin bow application.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A little Holiday

Pretty and delicate silvery raglan mini dress with shear white sleeves and square peek a boo.
Crush black velvet raglan mini dress with sweater sleeves ( a little gold is woven  into the stripes too) ultra comfy and lux enough for a holiday party.
Mmmm more crush velvet with a pretty lace heart accent. This lace is my favorite right now, so soft and stretchy and pretty.
So simple and so pretty, crush velvet with some little not so pearls hand sewn for a little light and accent.
This is a new pattern, I wanted a sheer square shape in the front of my simple raglan pieces. Just a little sexy added to this comfortable stripe tunic.
Another new pattern, sort of sweatshirty, with shoulder accents in the front and back, with some added sleeve action.

All these pieces just arrived at Velouria in Ballard yesterday! Yay! I always have a lovely time chatting with the owner Tes. You should totally head to Ballard for some holiday shopping she has all sorts of fantastic garments to spruce you up and lots of fun accessories for all the wonderful ladies on your gift list.
Also Veloria is featuring me in there January art walk (that's Saturday the 14th) I'll be bringing in lots of warm and fun pieces to keep your spirits up till Spring.

Monday, October 24, 2011


18 awesome new pieces just left for Cleveland today. I liked them so much I almost wanted to keep them all.
Red raglan mini dress with hounds tooth hoodie and sleeves. Altra comfy and warm.
Super circles. Very pretty and sexy sheer black polka dot fabric with red and black circle pattern base.
Red, white and black circle splotch boat neck mini dress with ultra long sleeves. This fabric is very comfortable and has a beautiful drape.
Black and red raglan tunic with keyhole accent. This black and red fabric is thick yet very soft and stretchy, perfect for keeping warm on a cold day.
Red raglan mini dress with hounds tooth sleeves and asymmetrical accent.
Rock and roll hoodie mini dress. Hood and sleeves made with black and white animal print with pink flowers. This dress would be great for a concert or just a night at the movies.
I love this mini dress! Grey raglan dress with nude lace back accent and sleeves. After I tried this on I had to keep one for myself (I made 2) I'm wearing it right now!
Grey raglan mini dress with black and white hounds tooth back accent and sleeves.
Asymmetrical hounds tooth mini dress with black lace. A very fun and unique piece in simple classic fabrics and patterns.
Grey raglan mini dress with black and white stripe sweater accent and sleeves.
Black and white stripe sweater V neck mini dress. The fabric is a little sheer so I'm wearing a little white slip under, this sweater is super soft and comfy.