Friday, November 18, 2011

A little Holiday

Pretty and delicate silvery raglan mini dress with shear white sleeves and square peek a boo.
Crush black velvet raglan mini dress with sweater sleeves ( a little gold is woven  into the stripes too) ultra comfy and lux enough for a holiday party.
Mmmm more crush velvet with a pretty lace heart accent. This lace is my favorite right now, so soft and stretchy and pretty.
So simple and so pretty, crush velvet with some little not so pearls hand sewn for a little light and accent.
This is a new pattern, I wanted a sheer square shape in the front of my simple raglan pieces. Just a little sexy added to this comfortable stripe tunic.
Another new pattern, sort of sweatshirty, with shoulder accents in the front and back, with some added sleeve action.

All these pieces just arrived at Velouria in Ballard yesterday! Yay! I always have a lovely time chatting with the owner Tes. You should totally head to Ballard for some holiday shopping she has all sorts of fantastic garments to spruce you up and lots of fun accessories for all the wonderful ladies on your gift list.
Also Veloria is featuring me in there January art walk (that's Saturday the 14th) I'll be bringing in lots of warm and fun pieces to keep your spirits up till Spring.