Thursday, July 29, 2010

shopping on etsy

I've been spending lots of time on etsy lately, and I decided to test my shopping skills. Shopping on etsy is so much more satisfying than frequenting big businesses, it's very clear how much little artisans really appreciate your appreciation of what they love to do ( I totally know how they feel) I wonder sometimes if people notice how happy people make me when they buy an iteam I made, from me? Anyway, here are my new and fantastic Etsy purchases complete with the adorable note and packaging from I loved her! I'm def. gonna check her shop out on a regular basis.

I love zombie cameo earrings! The horsey broach is for my lovely friend Melisa.
I really like the feel of v neck shirts, the same comfort of a t shirt with a little touch of sexy. I want to get a few more to wear with high waisted skirts for the fall. Astronaut shirt from
Great shirts, and super affordable.