Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Reasons Fashion Shows Are Fun

1. I'm inspired to make new garments
2. Sexy People (Casaletto, Olivia, Tanisha,Ashley, Lydia, Kwame)
3. I get to see these sexy ass people in clothing I make!
4. Booze
5. Music, if we're lucky it's Dave West tickling the ivories and a Funk band to strut to.
6. Drunk sexy people strutting.
7. Tim Jensen taking these fantastic photos of my clothing, oh and the for mentioned sexy people.
8. Vanity
9. Hanging out with all involved and invited, the best parts of my life combined, the people in it and my art.
10. The feeling of accomplishment afterwords, and the fun I get to have when the responsibility is over, Yippie!

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