Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The one and only Spring 2011

A love of fashion spawns a love of seasons. I'm looking forward to wearing tunics and dresses and frolicking in the daisies, well, actually I'll be strolling the streets of Seattle with an iced mocha in hand soaking in some much needed Vitamin D. So, with the new upcoming season comes change, a few new patterns to try out (knit dresses this year) and a few revamps to last years dresses.
sweetheart bubble dress with added straps and faux buttons.
black stretch velvet tunic with pockets and Carmen Miranda sleeves (taken of a Mu Mu)
simple raglan tunic I revamp and make non stop, this one has a vintage lace bib and fun stripe sleeves
this was Daniels T shirt. I added some new sleeves and a few flowers to accent the camo (I look like a galactic zombie fighter)
the first of 2 new knit dress patterns I'm working on, I'm a fan of anything pretty and stretchy.

PS the galactic background is a sheet that's going to be a dress soon too.