Sunday, June 20, 2010

I left my dress in San Fransico

I've had some fantastic trips to the thrift store lately! I'm finding some great vintage woven fabrics (like the floral bubble dress). It's like a 50's dream come true. The red polka dot fabric is new but it's lookin' very retro, and classic. How can you go wrong with red and white polka dots toped with a black lace bow? I'm making lots of sun dresses like the olive green calico with vintage pilgram fabric. I really like the big old ships on this fabric. I actually cut out more halter dresses today, and the black and white silk halter with vintage floral cotton is a lovley example, when I put it on my dress form I thought "how classy".As always I'm trying to make as many re constructed blouses and knit pieces as I can. They are so comfortable and wearable! All of these gems are on there way to Needles and Pens in San Fransico.