Saturday, May 22, 2010

fun photos I must share

 This was the last super fun photo shot with Tim Jenson. PS his mom was awesome and brought us snacks.
I love how he and the super sexy models captured my raglan knit pieces. And doesn't Olivia look great in Kombat Casalettos octo-polo? New Age Dave West is looking dapper as usual in pink, with a pink haired Angel sporting a raglan tunic with pockets (I love the stretchy oatmeal eyelet).  Lyda's lookin' sweet and sexy in a sun dress/tunic, and Casaletto himself is working a zipper T with suspenders (what a trend setter).
Tanisha looks just like a pin up girl in this red and black pic nic dress.
And for the last, the designers themselves stacked up, and Dan in his comfort zone, getting beat up by 2 women. Beth does look great delivering pain in a Kombat Casaletto zipper tank.