Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ADD Designer

Lately I've been cutting the hell out of some fabric and was feeling a little intimidated by the giant pile of mangled dress and tunic parts on my sewing room floor. Making one of a kind garments is challenging in that way because I kind of work like a one-girl-factory, I have all these different colors and fabrics to worry about. But I set 'em up and knocked 'em down in the last few days and here's a taste.

I created a new raglan tunic too, I was inspired by my weekend job at the Pretty Parlor, while steaming a little pink and white 60's dress I decided to put some accent panels with curve in the tunics. The dresses are Oh so much fun to make but they are rather time consuming. Each and every one of these is one of a kind. I'm loving the colors in the sun and halter dresses, and I'm so happy to have some eyelet fabric the play with. The wolf bubble dress turned out extra special. Oh, and the plaid bubble with the bow is made from Ralph Lauren sheets. Just a fun fact.

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